• A notetaking app that's fast and isn't bloated.
  • That's private and syncs across devices.
  • That just works.

App preview

Why Scrybe?

Fast as f*@#

Scrybe was built with performance in mind. Less bloat, more speed.

Google Drive sync

Seamlessly sync your notes to your Google Drive, and access/edit them on any device.

Features that work

Scrybe comes with the features that people use, and work well. Nothing half-baked. Period.

An amazing editor

No more fighting with your keyboard when editing something. An editor that works for you, not the other way around.

No 'unknown' servers

You know exactly where every copy of a Scrybe note is kept: on your devices and/or in your Google Drive. With other apps you simply don't. The sync component can even be completely disabled.

Offline first

No connection? No problem. Scrybe will sync whenever you come back online - the app works offline, online, underground, overground, over ADSL, via morse code, ...

What are you waiting for?

Scrybe Android is ready. Scrybe iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Web are coming soon.