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Does Scrybe work offline?


I have Google Drive note sync enabled. Where in Drive does Scrybe store my notes?

Within the Google Drive of the account you’re signed into Scrybe with, the notes should all be stored as .json files within a folder called Scrybe Notes, which should be in the uppermost (root) directory of your Google Drive.

I foolishly edited Scrybe’s note data directly in my Google Drive and now no notes are appearing. What do I do?

The ‘corrupt’ note has probably synced to your device, but your device doesn’t know how to process it into its local database. The simplest way to fix the situation is to just delete the note within your Drive, moving it into your Drive’s bin but not permanently deleting it, and then re-sync your phone by pulling downwards on the note list screen.

If this still doesn’t work, delete the offending note within your Google Drive (permanently or non-permanently), completely uninstall the app (clearing all of its data), and then reinstall and re-sync it to your Google account.