Privacy Policy

Scrybe is an app with privacy in its DNA.

This page describes the data that Scrybe collects, and how it is used. If you would like clarification on any items raised on this page, please do contact the developer.

Anonymised analytics

Scrybe uses opt-out Google Analytics in its mobile and desktop apps to provide anonymised basic analytics data about how it is used and how many people use it. It is simple to opt out of this data collection by going to the ‘Settings’ page and using the opt-out slider under the ‘Analytics’ heading.

If these options are greyed out, or do not exist, it is because you are using a version of Scrybe that does not have Google Analytics in it.

Further, Scrybe also uses Google Analytics for basic web analytics on pages under ‘’.

Your data

If syncing to Google Drive, you need to sign in and grant us certain permissions when signing in and authorising through Google.

Scrybe requests your email, profile (i.e., name) and the ability to manage its own files (the scope drive.file) in your Drive. Scrybe cannot access any files in your Drive that you have not created with it.

It does not send these data, or any other personal data, to any remote server. The data Scrybe requests from Google remains and is only ever located on your own device(s).